Services & Solutions


andXor AS is a provider of solutions for automation and BMS, with a focus on providing the right automation solution for management of technical installations. By this we mean that our deliveries will extend beyond components, features and systems that act independently. Our deliveries will consist of holistic solutions where interaction between technical systems and energy efficiency are in focus.

We coordinate management of ventilation, heating, cooling systems, lighting, automation of snowmelt, load control / maximum guarding, room control, alarms, etc., and utilizes the interaction between plants to streamline and optimize energy use in buildings.

Our building management system ensures interaction and integration with engineering systems supplied by us as well as others. The system is web-based, making it available regardless of where you are, as long as you have internet access.

We supply new facilities, renovate and upgrade existing facilities and performs automation-service. When needed, we prepare gladly customized service and functional agreements to ensure that our customers’ needs are met.

In light of our industry experience and solid expertise we can in addition to offering automation and BMS, offer special counseling regarding:

  • Purchasing and procurement automation and BMS
  • Project implementation and ITB role (NS3935:2011)
  • Independent control in connection with quality assurance in project deliveries and diagnose complex systems that do not work as intended.
  • Analyze and optimize energy use in buildings, and propose measures to ensure comfort while saving energy


Total Solution Provider

As a total solution provider for automation and BMS, we handle everything from sales to engineering, clarification of interfaces, preparation of electrical drawings and documentation, programming, panel construction, commissioning, troubleshooting, end user training, handover, monitoring during the warranty period and service.

Experience & Suppliers

Our staff has extensive industry experience and are highly competent on automatics and BMS relating to energy efficiency, integration of 3rd party systems, EPC projects, deliveries of new projects, service and modernization of legacy systems.

We have chosen to standardize on the Niagara Framwork from Tridium. The reason for this is that the system is scalable, flexible, market-leading and handles all accepted protocols. The strength of this is that the end user will be vendor independent when choosing new automation solutions and simplifies the integration and interaction with existing automation systems.

Beyond this we are factory-independent and always use reputable equipment suppliers. This allows us to choose among the best products from all suppliers on the market, which will ensure that our customers get the right product with the right quality at the right price.

We have much experience with the modernization of systems supplied by Johnson Controls, including BMS, heating, cooling systems and air handling systems serving general ventilation, special exhaust, cleanrooms, operating rooms, special isolates with more.


We are registered in “elvirksomhetesregisteret” at DSB (Directorate for Social Security and Emergency Preparedness) and has permission to carry out works within the following categories:

  • Design of electrical installations
  • Construction and maintenance of electrical systems of others
This means that we have the necessary approvals to build the electrical and automation boards, as well as to perform work connected to the cables and connecting components. Such approval would in other words mean that our customers do not need to contract an electrician and can safely entrust all the work to us in the knowledge that it will be done professionally and legally.