andXor AS was founded in June 2015, and the company is an Automation & Building Management System provider. We are committed to providing commercial and technical open solutions, where the most suitable technology is used. To achieve this we have a strong focus on our core values that identify us:



We will do our utmost to focus on our customers and to be solution oriented. We do this by establishing and maintaining a good working relationship and to focus on communication so that expectations are matched and the end result meets our customers’ expectations. Our customers should want to use our services, and not feel that they are committed and locked to us as a supplier.


We shall be proactive and maintain constant focus on improving ourselves. Enthusiastic, dedicated and academically strong employees are the backbone of our business and the basis for future success.


We always finalize our jobs and deliver on our agreements. Our deliveries will be of a quality that makes the coveted market. We should be clear, honest and relate to existing agreements. Through close cooperation, we will ensure good solutions and profitability for our customers and create confidence and credibility.


We welcome new ideas and encourage innovation and creativity. Through close cooperation with our customers, our expertise and continuous development we shall at all times consider which solutions are the right ones to use.